Thursday, 24 May 2012

weekly haul special

The past few weeks have been so depressing as I haven't been able to leave the house much.  Especially when the weather has been so lovely, it's such a shame not to be able to go out to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.  I joined the gym a few days ago as I love the feel-good rush you get after a work-out, plus I'm determined to get myself into shape for my bikini.  Lying on the couch doubled over in pain results in me comfort eating, which then results in me gaining weight around the mid-riff.  I don't like this, at all!  So the gym will be my second home now for the next 4 weeks.

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip to the Metro Centre (my friends know just how to cheer me up!), so it was a perfect opportunity to get in some goodies to update my summer wardrobe in preparation for our Moroccan holiday.  Of course, being skint students, the first shop we headed to was...PRIMARK!  Where else?  My boyfriend refuses to enter, but you can't go wrong in Primark for bargain holiday clothes.  I am very happy with my lovely purchases...

ABOVE: Suitcase £20 Primark

First on my list was a cute suitcase, as I am taking stand against my Dad insisting I use one of his boring ugly black monstrosities.  I was delighted to pick up this little beauty for £20.  Finally, a suitcase I don't have to tie a coloured shopping bag to in order to recognise it on the endless stream of cases on the airport luggage belt!

ABOVE:  Leather sandals £6 reduced from £12 Primark, 
lime bandeau top £2.50 Primark, Aztec print shorts £3 Primark

I was in desperate need of holiday wardrobe essentials (shorts, sandals, vests).  Primark is my #1 destination for said items; if I had bought the Topshop equivalent of the above outfit it would have cost at least £50.  But for £11.50, I picked up a lime green bandeau, real leather sandals (FOR £6, AMAZING!) at half price and some funky Aztec print shorts.  For some reason I'm scared of wearing bright colours, so I've been gradually adding   bolder pieces to my wardrobe to try and wean me off my usual choices of navy and black.  

ABOVE: Aztec print bralet £6 Primark, pink jelly sandals £4 Primark

I was absolutely ecstatic when I nabbed this Aztec print bralet at an unbelievably cheap price of £6.  I have been after something like this for ages.  I don't think I'm confident enough yet to wear this with shorts as I'd have too much belly on show, but I think it will look fab with my high-waisted maxi skirt.  And of course, how could I resist a pair of jelly sandals when they were only £4?  They are my guilty pleasure - I used to love them as a child!  The 90's children amongst you will remember the silver and pink glittery ones we used to lust after...

On the subject of jelly sandals, another pair I couldn't resist were from River Island - they currently have 40% off selected items and these were included!  I nabbed them for £10 instead of £18.  I think I have all bases covered now when it comes to sandals - leather, metallic, blingtastic, girly... I promise I won't buy another pair. 

ABOVE: Beaded jelly sandals £10 reduced from £18 River Island

As my friends know, I am absolutely addicted to perfume.  Perfume is my thing - I must have at least 30 bottles, a mixture of yet to-be-opened, empty and half full, littering my dressing table.  I was on the hunt for a summery, fresh hand-bag sized spray I could pop in my beach bag, and I found a perfect mini version of CK One Shock (20ml bottle) from Boots.  I used my Boots £5 off fragrance voucher and nabbed this for £7 instead of £12.  Get yours quick!

ABOVE: CK One Shock 20ml £7 instead of £12 with Boots £5 off fragrance voucher 

And finally, the last thing on my list was a couple of new lipsticks.  I intended to buy another nude lipstick (shade #3) from the Kate Moss for Rimmel range.  I absolutely adore it, and it's the only lipstick I've ever used fully.  I was chuffed to see new shades had been added to the range, and couldn't help but investing in the newest nude shade (#26) which is slightly lighter and more sheer than #3, as well as the light coral pink shade (#16).  I find nudes and pinks work best on me (and most other girls) when they are a lovely sunkissed colour!  I will review these at a later date.

ABOVE: Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick (shades #16 + #26) on promotion for £3.99 instead of the usual price of £5.49 Boots

So, what have you all been buying for your summer holidays?
I can't wait for some sunshine!

Love, kisses + ponytails


  1. I love the shorts, can't believe they were only £3! I think that's cheap even for Primark! x

  2. I know, I got the last in my size, I was lucky :) xo

  3. Ooh, such lovely stuff! I might be going on a hunt for those shorts ;) Hope your holiday turns out good! Where are you going? (So sorry if you've mentioned this before!) :') ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  4. What a haul! I love your suitcase! I've been looking for an easily-recognisable one, I might have to visit Primarni for this! xx

  5. I'm going to Morocco! I really can't wait, it's been 43c over there so I'm hoping I'll come back with an amazing tan :D and thank you, Primarni is deffo the place to be for holiday gear - can't beat the price! xoxo

  6. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    You have a lovely blog here and I am a new follower :) x

  7. Thank you sweetie, that really means a lot! Hope you enjoy reading :) xo

  8. love those thong sandals. great blog! love your banner, and enjoyed browsing. you have a new follower on google, and i would be honored if you connect with me, too, lauren. cheers!

  9. Everything in this post is amazing but I'm so jealous of the suitcase! it's so pretty!xx

  10. following!

  11. Wow you got some bargains! I have those sandals, a bit gutted they're now half price because at the time I was so torn between the tan and white. For that price I could've got both! I can tell you they're so comfy though haha! xxx

  12. Thank you all for the lovely comments! And I know Josie, there was loads of real leather styles to choose from and I should have bought more than one pair really, because I can see these being worn constantly during the summer. And I agree, so comfy! <3

  13. Hey, just wondering, how big is this suitcase heightwise and lengthwise? It's so cute! xx

  14. Hi I love your style. I kno I'm like a year late but can you tell me where I can get that Aztec top.