Sunday, 20 May 2012

CJG for Topshop

I'm sure a lot of you here already know that on Thursday, Chloe Green (daughter of THE Sir Philip Green a.k.a THE OWNER OF ARCADIA) launched her debut shoe collection for Topshop, following in the perfectly manicured footsteps of Kate Moss.

With prices ranging from £115-£175 (ouch!), the range isn't exactly purse friendly - well, it is if you're prepared to live on a diet of white rice, pasta and beans until your next student loan comes in.  But, a girl can dream.  

Here's the statement Topshop issued alongside the collection...

"Inspired by her love of illustrated butterflies, hearts and charms as well as darker roses, skulls and animal motifs, innocence is set against a mystical backdrop in Chloe Green's debut shoe collection.  With each shoe named after a special person in her life and featuring her signature green sole, Chloe hopes you'll enjoy wearing her shoes as much as she loved designing them."

Considering the prices are so eye-wateringly steep, I must admit there's not many of the designs which really induce serious shoe lust.  If I was to shell out a small fortune on a pair of heels I would a. have to fall deeply, madly in love with them at first sight, and b. would have to make sure they were versatile enough to dress up or dress down as not to be worn once.  

However, I do have favourites ("LYDIA" £165 and "BELLA BEA" £150).  Shame that they're the most expensive too!  They're girly, have a wedge heel (SO COMFORTABLE!) and the colours are really light and summery.  

I can just imagine myself now wearing them; with my broderie anglaise sun-dress, or with a vest and denim cut-offs, or even with my floral playsuit...  The list goes on and on, but unless I inherit a small fortune and a country manor house from an Aunt I never knew existed, or win the lottery, the likelihood of me owning a pair of these beauties are  slim to none.

What do you think of the collection?  
Love/hate?  Maybe you've bought a pair? (DAMN YOU!)

Love, kisses and ponytails


  1. I need those laceup booties in my life, so pretty!

    Love your blog, I'm following :)


  2. The shoes are pretty, but really, they are essentially Topshop shoes, so I don't think there's an excuse for the price! If I was going to spend so much money on a pair of shoes, I'd AT LEAST aim for a pair of Kurts! Other than that, I loved the coral CJGs (but not for £115)!