Thursday, 24 May 2012

a little gift from the viktor & rolf secret service..

So, this morning I received the cutest little gift in the post from the Viktor & Rolf Secret Service!  Along with a personalised letter, a shiny gold mirror in the shape of the V&R trademark wax stamp, with it's own black velvet pouch, was enclosed.

I have been a huge fan of their debut fragrance, Flowerbomb, for YEARS now - I really did fall in love with it the first time I tried it, and have yet to find a nicer perfume.

Despite the name of the perfume, it isn't overpowering like a lot of floral scents are.  In fact, I would say Flowerbomb was more of a gourmand fragrance; imagine the smell of a sweet shop in a bottle with a sprinkling of summer blooms, and you have Flowerbomb.

My mam bought me a bottle for my 18th birthday and was the first luxury fragrance I owned - a much needed upgrade from my usual 99p Impulse and Charlie sprays! I cherished it so much I have only recently ran out (I WILL be buying a new bottle when my funds allow it).  It's one of those scents that really makes you feel glamorous and special, and is the perfect finishing touch when you already feel a million dollars in a new party dress.

Are you a member of the Viktor & Rolf Secret Service?
What's your favourite Viktor & Rolf fragrance?

Love + kisses

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  1. I've been wondering what you get from V&R by entering those codes on the website... How many perfumes/ products did you enter to get this present? Do you also het special offers? Because when I registered I was told those kind of things would be send to my, but I never received anything


    Another Flowerbomb-addict