Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hello again, after a mid-summer hiatus!

Well, well, well!  Hello to all of my beautiful followers after my mid-summer blogging hiatus.  I really feel like I've neglected Sutty's Closet, but I'm pleased to say I'm back!  

I'm going through a really difficult time in my life at the minute.  I live with an illness which causes severe, chronic pain.  I'll be writing a post on it soon, because if I can help any girl (or boy) who thinks they might have the same condition as I have, but is yet to be diagnosed, I'll feel like my suffering has been worthwhile if I can give support to others even in the smallest way.

On to the exciting stuff! 

Back when we were all celebrating the jubilee, I held a blog giveaway to thank you all for reading, following and supporting me.  There really is no better feeling than knowing people are enjoying what you have to say.

I am pleased to announce the winner is the lovely Bethan of Quotations & Fluff (you all must check out her blog, it is fab).  I asked you all what it was that made you proud  to be a woman, and Bethan's answer was my favourite.  Here's what she said...

"What makes me proud to be a woman? That’s a difficult one because I make sure I always feel proud of my gender. Women are unique because we’ve come so far, women are an example of how you cannot keep those with a voice oppressed. I’m proud that so many women are now successful and are seen as role models. The increasing number of women in typically ‘male’ subjects such as politics and education makes me proud. The fact that women are perceived as more hardworking makes me proud. I’m proud that women are fighting for the right to be equal all over the world and are making a mockery of those who are sexist and slut-shame. I’m proud that there is a community where women share tips and reviews on beauty and fashion for other women and more importantly, to make themselves proud!"

Congratulations Bethan, your beauty hamper (below) will be with you very, very soon!  

Stay tuned everyone, I have some brilliant posts lined up (and hopefully I will put a smile on all of your faces at my expensive - three words, holiday + food poisoning, so much fun!)

Love, kisses + sunkissed blonde locks