Friday, 18 May 2012

blonde ambition

On my last post, I told you all how I have recently dyed my hair blonde.

For anyone who knows me, you'll know that this decision was an extreme one - I have been dabbling with dark dyes since my early teenage years.  I had even forgot what my natural hair colour was, as it has been constantly hidden under endless amounts of raven and blue-black dyes for over a decade now.  So, at the ripe old age of 21 (WAHHHHHHHHHHH!), I decided enough was enough, and before I knew it, last week I found myself sitting in the hairdressers asking for blonde hair.  Me, blonde.  Blonde.  Hmm.

ABOVE:  Before, with my dyed black hair

I think the reasoning behind this drastic change is because I feel like since I first started dying my hair I have changed so much as a person.  The majority of the years I spent with black hair weren't particularly the happiest.  Blonde hair is fun, light and summery.  So...if I can't bring the sun to my hometown of Sunderland (which is, ironically, NEVER sunny), I'll bring the sun to my hair. 

It set me back £65 (a small fortune by any student's standards, luckily I have a small job to fund such crazy moves) for a cut, full head of blonde highlights and a toner.  This was an extremely reasonable price in my opinion - I know many friends who have spent hundreds at salons correcting their dark locks in a bid for a blonde mane.  Dare I even say it?  I think £65 is a bargain.  

ABOVE: Kaedere <3

At the start of the year, I discovered a little salon called Kaedere in Sunderland, and I have a wonderful hairdresser there called Lesley.  She does my sister's colour, and has managed to get it a pure platinum blonde without her hair looking or feeling over-processed or damaged.  I would highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed girls!  After the amazing job Lesley done on my sister's colour, I don't think I would have trusted anyone else to take me to blonde.

ABOVE: Blonde!  (Not the best picture, but it shows how lovely the colour is)

After 3 hours in the hairdressers seat, I was absolutely thrilled with the result.  Looking in the mirror, I felt like a new woman (I'm really not exagerrating).  The end result was a warm dark blonde with slight copper undertones, which is to be expected when your hair is extremely dark, either naturally or artificially.  I have an appointment booked for 20th June for another round of highlighting which will eliminate the darker/coppery patches, and I will have the light honey tresses that I am lusting after, just in time for my amazing summer holiday in Morocco!

I can't wait.  

Stay tuned for several reviews I have lined up - since becoming a blondie I have stocked up on a plethora of colour enhancing hair products.

Love, kisses + (blonde) ponytails


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