Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Technic's £1.49 "Carnival" OPI glitter nail polish dupe

Recently I have become obsessed with glitter nail polish.

A self-confessed girly girl, there's nothing I love more than anything that sparkles.  When I was 13 it was acceptable to wear Tammy girl t-shirts encrusted with diamant√©s, but at the age of 21, my tastes have matured (a lot), so the one way I get my sparkle fix nowadays is adorning my finger nails with the glitziest of glitter nail polishes.  

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I stumbled across the little gem that is Technic's "Carnival" multi-coloured glitter polish in Blushers, a bargain beauty store in my home town.  At £1.49, not only is this polish purse friendly, it's a blatant dupe of OPI's "Rainbow Connection" polish.

What I really love about "Carnival" is that the pieces of glitter are big instead of being teeny tiny.  This makes your nails look really sparkly, so you'll only need around 3 coats if you want full on glitter.  Whereas polishes with small pieces of glitter in look great as top coats, "Carnival" looks best, in my opinion, worn alone.  However, I did apply a nude base coat before applying this, as I think it gives a more even result.

I can see this being my favourite nail polish this summer.  And if we have a typical British summertime, at least I'll feel happy every time I look down to admire my sparkly manicure! 

Have you tried this nail polish?
What is your favourite glittery polish?

Love, hugs + glittery nails


  1. I've been too scared to use my OPI rainbow connection too often as its limited edition, but now I've seen this I think I'm going to use it more often :)

  2. Looks great :)
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings ♡

  3. I am completely sold by this, it looks so much better than £1.49 would suggest

  4. The woman in the shop I got it from said they'd waited 6 months for it to come in so you're probably best ordering it online! It must be very popular xo

  5. I really want this- it looks amazing!:)xo

  6. Wow what a steal! Amazing. I'm doing a topshop giveaway on my blog and would love you to enter :)


  7. Looks great! Perfect nails for the summer! :)

    From Finland, with ♥,

  8. This nail polish is so pretty I will definitely be trying it out :)

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  9. I remember Tammy Girl I used to love it in there! I didn't realise this was the dupe of the OPI one. I would have to do 3 layers its either all or nothing when it comes to glitter polishes for me. I hate removing it though, It feels horrible.

    Daisie x


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  12. Your blog is so great, I'm now following you!


  13. I wanted a glitter polish like this for a while and ended up buying the urban outfitters one. Was bait gutted to say the least when I realised it had quite a dark appearance and was full of fine emerald glitter !
    Definitely need to purchase one like this to regain my love for glitter polishes!

    Looks really good without a nail varnishes underneath,

    Laura x

  14. I do love glittery nails but I hate removing it, such a pain!!!

  15. This nail varnish seems to paint on in such a solid colour of glitter. I had when glitter nail varnish is mostly clear and then all the glitter kind of clumps in one part of your nail. I hate trying to take it off as well!!

    I've tagged you for the Liebster award. Check - eyeofthebeholder-kv.blopspot.com for details


  16. This looks lovely, I really want this!

    vividskies.blogspot.co.uk x