Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee giveaway!


I hope you're all enjoying the celebrations which are going on all over the country for the Queen's diamond jubilee; whether you're having a small get-together with your family indulging in copious amounts of tea and strawberries and cream, or kicking it old school by holding a street party complete with Union Jack party hats, napkins, plates and table cloths and of course, dangerous amounts of sausage rolls.

It's times like these I feel extremely proud to be British (putting the fact aside we do the  best, albeit largely beige coloured, party buffets in the world). If there's one woman who shows what it means to have 'girl power', it's Queen Lizzie.  She's been on the throne 60 years now, and shows no sign of giving up her place to Charles without a fight.  And why should she?  It's so refreshing to see a woman, instead of a man, who isn't ashamed to acknowledge how much power they have.

So, I thought I'd celebrate the jubilee my own way.  Since starting this blog I have been overwhelmed by the feedback my amazing readers have given me.  As it stands, almost 60 of you lovely lot follow my blog.  What better way to celebrate than to hold a giveaway for thanking you all for reading? Want to be in a chance for winning everything in the picture below?  Read on...

What will the winner receive?  An unashamedly girly hamper full of my favourite beauty buys and must have products to make sure you look fabulous and perfectly preened all summer long.  

Here's what's up for grabs

* Batiste "Blush" dry shampoo
*Scandalous "Rock Chick" hair wave spray
* The Beauty Parlour "Saving Face" Day Cream with SPF8
* Nivea "Pearl & Beauty" gentle care anti-perspirant deodorant
* Nivea "Soft Rose" tinted lip balm with SPF10
* Montagne Jeunesse "Fruit Pulp" moisturising strawberry face mask 
* Pretty Perfect "Twist and Out" instant nail polish remover
* Eyelure: The Collection "Star" strip false eyelashes 
* Lush "Think Pink" bath ballistic
* Rimmel "Disco Ball" glittery nail polish

How do I enter?

Comment on this post, and tell us all, in 150 words or less, what it is that makes you proud to be a woman.  Take this theme as literally or as liberally as you want to!  Entries will be taken until midnight on Friday 15th June 2012.

Who can enter?

Anyone, as long as you are a resident of the UK (otherwise it will cost me too much money to ship to others countries - sorry!) 

Good luck!

Love, kisses + ponytails


  1. Laughing, till you cant breathe
    Cringing, at how uncool you and your friends are
    Having fun, like your still 12, when you’re 20
    Loving, unconditionally because you can
    Crying, just because you need to
    Sharing, just because you need to
    Hugging, just because you need to, but being the pillow too
    Bitching, because every woman loves a good bitch
    Needing, because you can’t do everything alone
    Smiling, because a smile heals most things
    Being sexy, because every woman wants to feel beautiful
    Being natural, because being fake is a lie
    Having the bravery to stick to your guns
    Using courage to admit when you’re wrong
    Sacrificing, because selflessness is key to any close relationship
    Family, because mummy always has your back.
    Friendship, because every girl needs her wolf pack
    Pride, self belief and recognition. Believe to achieve.

  2. First off - what a fantastic giveaway & submission idea!

    Having a sense of warmth, humility, and humour; glorious friends who I can laugh and cry through rain or shine with. The same people who I can say and share anything with. Appreciating my head full of natural curls; because once upon a time it was a head full of untameable frizz (I thank both my own maturity and modern styling products for this evolution!) Warmth, compassion, caring about what others say and think – but not letting that sway my own opinion, too much. The love, children, and family I am so thankful for, which surround me at the moment and those which will hopefully comprise my future. These are the things which make me proud to be a woman.

    xoxo Louise

  3. Hi Lauren... Great idea of a giveaway... I am proud to be a woman because of the rare combination of qualities making a wonderful creation... The power inside a woman could destroy anything coming in the way, yet the enormous patience alongside balancing it... the compassion and the courage... the beauty on the body and inside the heart... the strength to endure pain but deep down inside a baby waiting to be pampered always... The pleasure of experiencing the various phases of life…. A cutie baby girl… a sweet chic… the beautiful woman…. Loving wife… doting mother… its a great feeling... wish I could capture it in my words... :) <3

  4. Thank you for all of your entries so far! Already I can tell it will be hard to pick a winner...good luck! :) xo

  5. What a fab giveaway! I'm proud to be a woman because, quite simply, we rock! From Elizabeth I to our Queen Lizzie today, we've proved that we're just as capable, if not more so, than men despite any discrimination we face. And we still do it with love and compassion for others, I just think that women have something that is unique. Who run the world? GIRLS!


  6. Great giveaway. Wish I could


  7. Christina- not to worry, I will be holding loads more giveaways in the near future where I will be shipping to anywhere in the world! This parcel is very heavy so would cost me a small fortune to ship outside of the UK. Hope you will keep on reading my blog, stay tuned for more fantastic competitions and giveaways xxx

  8. Hi princess, thanks for your comment on my blog :) love your pretty blog so I have started following you!
    Fab giveaway, I'm entering :)

    I am PROUD and love to be a woman because; I get to wake up every morning, wash my face with No.7, put my favourite make up on, do my hair however I like, and generally act like a big girly girl! I love shopping until I drop and generally being ultra feminine, being a woman is so much better than being a boy as we get to pop out little babies, own cute fluffy dogs, and use our charm to get stuff! Women rule the world too, even Barack Obama agrees ;)

    Hope you'll pop over to my blog again soon, I'll be doing a little designer giveaway soon ;)

  9. great giveaway!
    proud to be a women because boys smells lol only kidding, because we are ambitious, hard working, multi taskers, and compassionate to each other :)

  10. Such a lovely giveaway, thank you for following my blog.

    And I'm proud to be a woman because you get to enter giveaways like this to win amazing beauty products. Who run the world? Girls ;-) ha ha xo

  11. Women have very much fought for a place in society. Once upon a time, we were literally nothing. Thankfully, women all around decided to start making changes and have now created a more equal society for them and now us to live in. Women have made some of the best accomplishments in this world. The most famous that come to mind include Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale. These highly successful women in particular, make me proud and make me proud to say I'm a woman too.

    Great giveway, good luck to everyone! xx

  12. I'm not proud to be a woman, I'm proud to be me!

    Gems x

  13. proud to be a woman because i get to spend loads of money on products that my fellow bloggers have reviewed for me!

    AMAZING give away by the way

  14. ^ oh and

  15. I'm proud to be a woman because we get to dress up, and try all sorts of yummy beauty products, and have fabulous pamper nights! I'm also proud to be a woman, because women are clearly the better sex, and can multitask!

    I'd love to win this giveaway! :)


  16. What makes me proud to be a woman? That’s a difficult one because I make sure I always feel proud of my gender. Women are unique because we’ve come so far, women are an example of how you cannot keep those with a voice oppressed. I’m proud that so many women are now successful and are seen as role models. The increasing number of women in typically ‘male’ subjects such as politics and education makes me proud. The fact that women are perceived as more hardworking makes me proud. I’m proud that women are fighting for the right to be equal all over the world and are making a mockery of those who are sexist and slut-shame. I’m proud that there is a community where women share tips and reviews on beauty and fashion for other women and more importantly, to make themselves proud!