Thursday, 5 January 2012

review: "the sacred truth" facemask by lush

As all my family and friends know I am a HUGE Lush fan.  I have transformed the bathroom into a miniature Lush shop, with more bath bombs, bubblebars, soaps and other goodies than a girl could ever want and need, to smell good enough to eat.

My most recent purchase from Lush was The Sacred Truth facemask.  This facemask belongs to an extensive range of facemasks by Lush- each one with a different purpose and intended for a particular skin type. 

The Sacred Truth pledges to protect skin from the effects of ageing, and aims to 'enhance and revive' your complexion. 

The recipe is jam packed with friendly anti-oxidant Wheatgrass, Ginseng and Green Tea, as well as Papaya fruit enzymes.  There is  a whole host of other ingredients including honey, shea butter and a powerful cocktail of fruit and plant oils, working to soothe and soften skin in need of TLC.

A 75g pot of The Sacred Truth costs £5.75.  Yes, it is more expensive than a regular facemask, but the price can be justified. 

The facemasks in Lush use fresh, natural ingredients, so there's no nasty harsh chemicals and preservatives.  You are advised to keep the mask chilled in the fridge to ensure the ingredients don't go off - however the product has a short shelf-life of around 1 month. 

I have oily skin prone to acne, which means I constantly use products such as Freederm and Oxy in order to regulate my complexion.  However, these can be quite drying, which is why the moisturising properties of The Sacred Truth attracted me.

Upon first glance, the greeny beige colour of The Sacred Truth doesn't look very appealing.  However, the product does smell better than it looks. 

For those used to the usual uber-sweet girly scents of Lush, the smell of The Sacred Truth may be a bit off-putting, as it smells quite...hmmm, I don't know how to describe this.  It's not unpleasant by any means - it smells a bit grassy, with only a hint of honey sweetness. 

Application of the product was easy-peasy.  The facemask is relatively lump-free and spread easily onto my face.

A little really does go a long way, especially if you mix the mask into a runny paste with a touch of warm water.  If you used a grape size amount each time you used it, you could easily get 10 or more uses out of the product.  That would work out approximately 58p per application.

When The Sacred Truth was drying, it didn't make my face feel tight, like some other facemasks do.  It felt instantly cooling and soothing on the sore patches which are prone to inflammed underlying spots. 

After the recommended 10 minutes, I washed off the mask with warm water, patted dry with a soft towel, and was pleasantly surprised how soft and smooth my skin felt.  My makeup went on great too, with no dry patches standing out when I applied my foundation.

:)  easy to apply
:)  leaves skin feeling soft
:)  great value for money
:)  good shelf-life considering it's made from all natural ingredients

:(  smell is not as sweet as other Lush products
:(  the colour may be off-putting to some

Who would I recommend this product to?
Ideal for those who suffer from dryness of the skin, and also those who suffer from spots to remedy the drying action of acne creams/face washes.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.  I have not been paid to advertise products- it is something I do for fun in my spare time, however endeavour to deliver honest reviews.  If you would like to use any of my original photography featured on the blog, feel free, but please link back to me and give credit where due.


  1. I used to hate lush, but now I have 2 drawers full of it! It's so addictive!! Nice post :)

  2. Your skin sounds similar to mine, I've been looking for a good product to use! This looks lovely, I usually find the sweet smelling stuff in Lush really off-putting! xx

  3. I'm a sucker for all the pink super-girly stuff in Lush, the Rockstar soap being my ultimate fave! More reviews will be coming

  4. For some reason, I walk past Lush thinking 'OMG HEAVEN' but I never go in! I need to try something after seeing al the amazing reviews
    Thanks for the loveeely comment on my blog hun :) the few times Ive been to Sunderland I ended up not remembering alot, so obvious good nights haha!
    Follow me on twitter if you like sweety, its nice having local bloggers to chat to :)
    Oh Ive given you a follow too cause I like your posts!! :)

  5. Great review dear!in fact the color is not very inviting xD
    But lush's products are usually good!So I'm going to try that too ;)
    have a nice day dear,I'm a new follower!

  6. i love this lush product but i agree the smell is quite offputting haha
    please follow back xox

  7. J'adore Lush aussi! I love Lush too!