Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1000 page views! and free gelato...

Hello all,

Sorry for my absence and lack of posting :(  I have been rather unwell with a bladder infection and anyone who has ever experienced one will know how painful they are...but I'm feeling on the mend now and have an album review lined up to be posted tonight.  

But on a more positive note...

My blog has had over 1000 page views!  Thank you so much to all who read, I hope I keep you entertained even it is only for a fleeting moment...


Today I got the most amazing phone call from the owner of the Lickety Split creamery  in Seaham, which I posted about a few weeks ago.  They loved my blog and the review I done so much they've said I can come down and have any sundae off their special Valentine's menu for free!  Just looking at the Valentine's menu is making my mouth water:

Available from the first to the 20th of February, a selection of sexy sundaes to share or enjoy alone (£10.95)

Cream Dream (2 to share)
Pure Indulgence (2 to share)
Sticky Fudge Split (2 to share)
Rockin' Rose Love Boat
Champagne Citrus

If you live in the North-East, and you haven't visited Lickety Split...make sure you get your ass down there ASAP.  Of course I'll be taking my camera again and will report back to you all how delicious my sundae was!  And who will I be taking to share the sundae with?  Well...that's for me to know and for you to find out ;)

Love + kisses 


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